Beep Beep it’s me, your heart <3

. ❤ Tuesday September 29, 2015 is World Heart Day. ❤

In honor of that, here are some of my favorite ways to get my heart pumping and keeping it healthy:

Running: I love running.  I don’t do it well or often, but I love it.  I ran a 5k with my youngest son.  (Find that post here) Running is great cardio that will get your heart flowing strengthening your most important muscle. It also keeps body fat low (along with proper diet) reducing risk of clogged arteries. This applies to most cardio exercises by the way.

Quit Smoking: I quit smoking about 1 1/2 years ago. Best decision ever. I had already been smoking over 10 years. Gross for someone who is only (now 27). Everyone knows the risks of smoking do I really have to explain? [ American Heart Association ]

Be Happy: Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. I like to sing in the car with my family. That makes me happy. Just being with my family makes me happy. Sharing my thoughts with the world in this blog does it too.

Drink more water: increase in healthy fluids, e.i. water, keeps you hydrated. And when you are hydrated, your muscles are working more efficiently. Since your heart is a muscle, being hydrated is crucial for optimal performance from that trusted organ.

Reduce Stress: Venting to Andrew helps to keep some of the stress I get from work down. Yoga is great for all around de-stressing and calming down the body and mind. There is also meditation, taking a nap, going for a slow walk (stroll), getting a massage, or petting an animal. Stress produces the hormone cortisol. This hormone causes the heart to beat faster thus causing higher blood pressure and a rapid heart beat. This can lead to dizziness, tightness in chest, shortness of breathe or worse like heart attack or stroke.

Let’s be kind to our hearts ❤ ❤


We kinda needs those little tickers to live.

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