The First That Almost Wasn’t

Before I forget let me open with-

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

For those of you who are actually Mexican and know what this holiday is actually about. History Channel-Cinco de Mayo

This week I had planned on starting week one of the couch 2 5k program. While I did technically start it today, I wanted to have completed all three days of week one. My plan has been foiled.

I still went out today though. But, I also almost didn’t.

Yesterday I woke up with a sore knee and a wicked sprained ankle. What a bummer. I wanted to go out yesterday to run day one but again, FOILED!
Today I woke up with my ankle still bumming. I wrapped it today, not yesterday. I couldn’t believe that my second greatest chance of the week is about to go to shit. A little voice kept pushing it. If not now, then when? Try and figure it out tomorrow night sometime after Andrew is home? Yes that is surely a possibility. But, if I can talk myself out of going today, a day with ample opportunity, then what will stop me from opting out of going tomorrow too?


So I got up, wiped the tears that had accumulated on my cheeks and got my socks, pants, tank and long sleeve.
I took the ace bandage off and instantly felt the difference. Ugh. It still hurt pretty decently. I still put my running sneakers on and laced them a slight tighter just to notice but not to feel.

As I made my way to Blackstone Boulevard I really thought about needing more songs to download to create a decent playlist. Problem is, I lose interest in everything. That’s the depression. I have to battle it but how? I’m not entirely sure how to keep depression from hindering my running playlists.
Anyways, I got there and noticed I pretty much had the first spot on the right. This means minimal people. Some people do run TO the Boulevard and then run it. None the less, I was there. Throbbing ankle and all I crossed the street and began my way to the bench to stretch. Which I still need to figure out.

I turned on my gps and opened two apps- MapMyRun and C25k

An awesome feature inbedded in the app is that you can play your phones music from the app. That helps keep open apps in your phone low. But again, I need a playlist or two.

I began, 5 minute warm up walk. I was cold, I was sore, I was not thrilled. Then a weird robot women’s voice came on and told me too begin running. So I did. It didn’t bother me. Run,walk, run, walk, I continued the couch 2 5k program.

I completed the entire instructed couch 2 5k program and it came to about 2.46 miles completed. Guess I have to run a little faster or walk faster to get to 3.1 in the app. With time I will.
I did, however, complete the entire Boulevard. 3.1 miles. I tracked that on map my run.

You know what? I totally forgot about my ankle. I brought the ace badge with me in the car and it doesn’t even hurt anymore. 6 hours later and still nothing. Maybe a run was all my ankle needed.



I feel okay. I wish I could say good but I can’t help but to believe tomorrow is a bleak day. I will try. That’s the best I can say at this time. I can try for tomorrow and i can keep trying for the next after.

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