Finding the time, takes time.

Panic can set in pretty fast around here.


To do anything in life requires you to set aside an allotment of time.
I work full shifts so I must take 8 hours of my day aside for work, add travel time, 9 hours, and hope I don’t stay late. Just an example of how we allot time.

To get in shape, or stay in shape, you have to save some time. Sometimes this means making the time. It’s okay to miss a TV show, but not dinner with your family.  It is 100% possible to manage work, home and fitness into your day.

I have issues making time work for me. I put certain tasks over others. But I am ready to adjust. I am ready to tweak what I’m used to doing to make more time for me and my goals.

Quick look into my day, on a busy day- Wake up 430am leave the house by 530am to be at work for 6am. I work until atleast 2pm. I MUST pick up the kiddos at 310. Then it is homework. My kids are young right now as I write this so they need a parent sitting at the table with them. Homework lasts anywhere from 15-30 minutes. SO now it is 4pm, there is an hour of downtime. We save this for going outside in the nicer seasons. Perfect opportunity to exercise while playing with the kids. But this isnt what the goal is. This isn’t building stamina to run. I need the gym. Okay still trying to find the time. Dinner 5-630 even later some nights. Bedtime 730 for the kids. BOOM opportunity. As long as someone is home, in the house, with the kids, I can escape to the gym. I can spend time there on a treadmill training. This sounds good right?
While this time is perfect for heading off to the gym, its also the only moments I have with Andrew. I have a hard time detaching when I haven’t seen him all day and I know that finally I have him all to myself. Ya see, he’s my soulmate so it’s hard to depart from each other due to the powers of loooooove. This is my challenge. This is what I really need to work on. DETACHMENT. I feel obligated to be home. I feel obligated to be there for everyone even if I’m told everything is alright.

9 weeks though, at the very least I need to be dedicated for 9 weeks. I need to go to the gym/boulevard atleast 3 times a week to complete the Couch2 5k program. I cannot fail and I will not fail.

Every week I get atleast 1 day off from work. This is a perfect day to go to the gym during the day and not feel rushed, or head over to an outside track/path to get fresh air and enjoy being outside.

Won’t you look at your busiest day and see where you can fit in Couch2 5K too?
Let’s start running together!

Run with me!

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