Fitness, isn’t that everyone favorite subject? I know it sure is NOT mine. But yet here it has it’s own page.

I am on a journey. I want to tone and become healthier in total. The posts that you will be seeing here will be about exercise, nutrition, and all the ups and downs that will come.

There is some key pieces of equipment I always have near.

One being FITBIT. I own a FITBIT Flex and I love it. Obsessed doesn’t begin to cover it when it comes to this little tracker. I’ve owned one since February 2015. I log my sleep every night or else! I love it. I’ve written a piece about it here.

I own one of those cursed scales. I am obsessed. I stress over the numbers. It is very unhealthy.

I don’t have anything fancy for audio. I use the music player on my Samsung Galaxy Avant
We have a gym membership at Blast Fitness. We go there for the treadmill mostly. I really want to start using some of the other pieces of equipment. We shall see.

For headphones, my dear boyfriend purchased Yurbuds Focus 100 Behind the Ear Earphones. Let me be the one to tell you that these headphones are awesome. Only thing I am unsure about is the ambient sound feature. I can’t really hear anything with them in. Maybe it only works on a certain volume setting. They are super comfortable in my ears. They have never fallen out. Once I have them in place they pretty much stay put.


My Journey to Running:

Run, Ashley, RUN!

Upcoming Topics:

Legs- Calves/Thighs


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