Fitbit Flex


That’s how I felt when i got my Fitbit Flex in February 2015. I love everything about this thing. I am not normally one to wear bracelets or watches or really anything of the nature around my wrist. It was easy to adjust to wearing the Fitbit though. Soon I sort of- forgot- that I was wearing it, but at the same time i am very well aware of it at all times. There was one time I lost it and I didn’t realize I did until HOURS after it fell off. I was freaking out. But I used my brain. I thought of all the places I had gone, work and home. I started texting everyone from my place of employment and i described the device to them and i asked them to keep a look out for it. No one could find it at work. I felt so lost. So sad. I kept trying to sync the device and there was no connection. Atleast I knew it wasnt at my house. I had another shift at work coming up rather soon so I decided that when it wasn’t busy I was going to go on my phone and into the app and keep trying to sync to find it. OH MY GOD it worked! My phone started syncing. Now I just had to find it. I looked under everywhere and finally I found it under a counter. I was so happy I felt like a million pounds was lifted from my shoulders. Wooph talk about anxiety!

Here are some of the cool features that the Fitbit Flex has to offer:

                                                                       Alarm feature– This is cool. You go in and create an alarm and set the time for it to go off. It vibrates pretty intensely when the time comes for it to activate

                                                                      Step Tracker– Clearly this tracks the amount of steps that you take. I’ve kept my app open and walked and counted in my head and watched my phone simultaneously and it is pretty accurate.

                                                                     Calories Tracker– This tracks the calories you are burning throughout the day. You can log all the food you have eaten. There is even an option to scan the products barcode for easier, quicker adding. Then it will calculate the amount of calories consumed vs. the number of calories you have burned so far that day and it lets you know how many calories you have left that you can consume. It has an “in the zone” feature that lets you know if you are consuming the number of calories recommended for your set goals.

                                                                     Sleep Tracker– I often wake up in the middle of the night. Whether it is to go to the bathroom or just simply tossing and turning, I get up. It is super awesome to be able to look at my phone the next day and be able to match up the disturbances of the Fitbit with when i got up during the night. I always try to look at the clock and in the Fitbit app it tells you the corresponding time with the disturbed sleep that it records. It’s pretty spot on. Super Awesome just like I said!!

                                                                     Miles Gone– This goes by the number of steps taken. They say 2,000 steps is approximately 1 mile. I have yet to try that theory out with my Fitbit. Hmm good project idea.

                                                                   Active Minutes– Here is something that still gets my mind in a loop. I am pretty sure it is described that active minutes are consistent consecutive minutes of moderately intense activity.

                                                                Challenges-   This you need a friend for. Lucky for me, Andrew just purchased a Fitbit as well. We just started messing around with this feature.
There is:
Weekend Warrior- Most Steps On Saturday and Sunday.
Work Week Hustle- Most steps Monday through Friday
Daily Showdown- Most steps that day
Goal Day- Hit your daily step goal
So far we have completed Weekend Warrior and Workweek Hustle. It was fun. The updating to see who was ahead was ridiculously slow. I couldn’t believe it. We did the math ourselves and it was saying i was like 18,000 steps behind Andrew and in all reality I was over 1500 steps ahead of him for the week. The app needs some fixing but overall its cool.
Those are some of the features. Everyone should own one. Best inventions ever.


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