I am NOT fat- I’m Ashley.


Another day, another time to feel horrible about myself.

Sorry for starting out so dark but let’s get real, this is how we are wired. I am working on that. And I know I say that a lot too.
I spent the other night dozing on the futon contemplating how “fat” I am.

Well, I am NOT fat- I’m Ashley

I may have some extra skin, stretch marks, fat deposits, sagging, wrinkles, and everything we dont want to talk about but what I AM NOT, is fat.
I am a human being.
I am unique.
I am beautiful.

After all this, I thought about how I want to change. Not only my state of mind but my state of being. I can learn all the information in the world but what I do with that information is what matters.

I know how to lose this extra baggage I have weighing on my mind. I know how to eat right and exercise. I know how to do it all but I never apply anything. Well it’s time for some changes. I need to create routine, healthy habits, positive outlooks and many more achievable goals that I will actually work towards.


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