Failure: the lack of success; an unsuccessful person

Failure is a term that defines me. Who I used to think I was.

▶Failure no longer defines me.◀

I have come to know the feeling of disappointment; feeling of being let down. I’m so tired of it. These feelings drag me down. I already suffer with major depression so to add this on top of it all, I’ve been collapsing.

This is what I know ▶I know my body. I know what works and I definitely know what doesn’t. ▶ I own a treadmill. I need to use this. ▶ My work has a gym. Its empty at 5 am. Perfect. ▶ I have exercise videos. They take up a shelf. ▶my family is supportive. ▶ I can do this.

I do feel like I “recommit” a lot. Doesn’t everyone? I actually feel like most people don’t. Well now It’s my turn.

I commit to myself. I commit to making n body healthier. I commit to giving every workout my all. I will push my limited. I will be who I want to be.

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