Losing 15 Pounds in 21 days

Sounding like a gimmick post? It isn’t I can promise you that.

This is just my journey for 21 days. I found a diet that works for me. I dedicated to exercise that works for me. If you cannot identify either of those them prepare for a huge struggle. I’m not saying it will be impossible but it surely helps knowing what diet and exercise works for you physically, mentally and financially.

Let’s review the food I plan on eating. Some may think there is no variety, no vegetables, no options. But give me vegetables and I’ll kill you, too much variety opens up room for error and options give me a choice to pick something ridiculous. Self control comes in many forms. This is how I provide myself the self control.

Food options consists of homemade quesadillas, chicken, steak, bacon, Lingucia, protein meal bars, protein cereal bars, and protein meal replacement shake.

Supplements are fiber and a daily vitamin

Don’t forget- WATER 💦WATER💦 WATER 💦 hitting 80 ounces a day 

Exercise will consist of treadmill use, walking outside, body weight exercises, free weights and weights machines -5 days a week.

Working third shift creates an odd schedule. On my days off I sleep after getting home from work, usually around 6 am. I’ll sleep until about noon, usually I sleep until 6 on work days. Adjusting meals is hard. I have opportunities to eat with my family now. It’s difficult but a sacrifice needed for success.


Meal#1- double protein shake

Snack#1-cereal bar

Meal#2-food source

Snack#2- protein meal bar

Meal#3- food source

*Food source-interchangeable between quesadillas or bacon and lingucia, maybe even steak

 Times for these meals are ready during work. M#1(meal #1) occurs around 7 pm before i go in. First break is first snack.-1130. M#2 is Lunch break at 130. S#2 is second break at 4am and M#3 is at 730 am after getting home from working out right after work.

On a day off, its a different story. M#1 is around 1pm S#1 at 3:00pm M#2 at 5:30 pm S#2 7:30 pm M#3 is at 9:30 pm with my bedtime after midnight.

This all starts November 8th. A Wednesday. My day off. Weigh ins are once a week, also on Wednesdays.

Instagram will have daily updates. Find me there. 

>Tash Fit Life Instagram<
By the 30th of November I plan on being 15 pounds lighter, more positive, and hopefully have purchased a wedding dress 👰💍

Wish me luck. Come support me and I’ll support you. 

We may be in this for ourselves but we are in this together.

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