Audubon Society Trails

So here’s the deal.

Recently, and by that I mean two months ago, I downloaded Instagram. I started seeing people out hiking. This inspired me to look into hiking around Rhode Island. This is how I found The Audubon Society . It doesn’t cost us anything to spend time together as a family. Unless you calculate the cost of the gas used getting to and from, which we aren’t

They are beautiful and relaxing. My kids enjoy them. Well, they had their complaints. My middle son, Hayden had alot of complaints. He isn’t very athletic, doesn’t like being outside, he would much rather sit on the floor with Legos and his imagination. Does a body good so he can relax.

I want to share our time with everyone so I’m going to run posts on each one we hike. We want to hit nearly all of them so keep checking for more!

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Audubon Society Trails we’ve hiked (links!!) ::
George B. Parker Wildlife Refuge

Fort Nature Wildlife Refuge

Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge

Caratunk Wildlife Refuge

Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge

Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

REVISTED! George B. Parker

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