Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge


I was disappointed with how little access you have to the pond. Maybe i just couldn’t navigate that well. Maxwell Mays is a hop, skip and a jump from George B.Parker. THAT’S cool.

I looked damn good that day though so we can start there. 😉



There we are. Real happy this day. I love it. We deserve happiness.


Hayd starting yelling, “A chimney! A chimney!” I thought my child had lost his poor little mind. He was SPOT ON. I’m not sure at the moment the complete history of this chimney but I’ll look it up and insert it back over this text.


I wish i captured more photos. This trail had lots of foot bridges overs small streams. I will do better I swear.

After the trail we got hungry, It was early enough in the day where we wanted to do another hike. Where we were in relevance to home (to cook at home) and to go on another hike, we were closer to another hike. We opted to eat Applebee’s . Look what their napkin told me! >_>


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