Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge

Want a cool family hike? Come here. This is the Audubon Society Headquarters in addition to the trails. Ari and Hayden actually came here on a field trip last year in Kindergarten so they were really excited to come back.


Powder Mills was a lot of fun. I can’t say that enough. On top of that, the refuge is approximately 20 minutes from our house.  The trails are well marked all the way through. Where there is a need for foot bridges, there are.
Again, It’s nice.

A field with a foot bridge and observation sides for the birds and butterflies.



There comes a point on the trail where you have to come out of the woods and into a clearing with National Grid power lines running straight through the middle. It’s a cool view for sure. Once you dive into crossing that you cross a road and back into the woods you go!


n the trail we could spot a pond through the trees. Examining the map and my phone i determined there was no real way to access the pond other than walking off the trail and straight to the banks. SO glad that we did. We saw a turtle sunning on a log, a frog hop out of the pond, and a snake swimming in the water to sun.
Pretty cool right? I cant wait to go back to find more wildlife. I really want to go back next spring when the flowers bloom and the butterflies are abundant.


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