George B. Parker Woodland Wildlife Refuge

George B. Parker Wildlife Refuge WAS AMAZING

It was our first. It was the most challenging thus far for us. I say that loosely since we are hiking with three children between 6 & 8.

They complained. They complained ALOT. This was new to them. This was new to me too. They were excited about all the foot bridges though!

Cairns. What are they? Rocks. Haaaaa! They are these unexplained rock formations. What are their purpose? No one knows. But Andrew and I thought they were cool. The unknown is intriguing.


The elevation fluctuated which I enjoyed. šŸ™‚


And then there was this!!!


We all got to climb it. It was so awesome!

You may not be able to tell but we are up on that rock.

Along the trail they have old colonial structures, er, well, what’s left of them. It’s pretty cool. People lived here. Now noone does and we roam the woods with their ghosts..

The trail is beautiful. It has some great spots to soak in the sunlight through the trees and areas with amazing foliage.

We finished it. All sweaty and everything. But what matters is, we finished


This won’t be the first time we visit this trail. We will probably be going back very soon actually. But without the kids šŸ™‚

I haveĀ MapMyFitnessĀ and I normally use that to track our hikes so the next post I’ll include that!

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