Caratunk Wildlife Refuge


WOW we were surprised on how many miles we logged on this hike. This hike was beautiful! I have so many great pictures but yet i am so horrible at taking pictures for the blog. I promise I will be working on it.

SO let me start off by saying this is about 10 minutes if that from where i lived from 11-18 years old and I HAD NO IDEA. I wonder if my mother knows this place exists?


The streams here were pretty. Rocks and trees growing out of clear water made it a nice long deep view down the streams.


ALWAYS START THE HIKE WITH A PHOTO! Ya know, in case you go missing. No, not at all. Because we love each other and these are MEMORIES. May I just add that we are a hott couple!


Okay so let’s talk about this photo. This is obviously man-made. I do not think the Audubon Society would build such a structure for our enjoyment when one of the cardinal rules of trails is you leave nature the way nature is. This is not nature. Andrew and I are two people who love to speculate. We came up with someone built this for a place to lay for the night…or longer. CREEPY


LOOK!!! This field and view is to die for! UGHHHH! I want to live here like Little House On The Prairie. I told Andrew we need to find out when there are butterflies flooding the area so we can be all cute and romantic and enjoy it.


Let me add that Mr. Ari had some jealousy issues. I am his and he is mine and that’s how it is and if you spend too much time with me he has to start getting in the middle. Don’t worry though because he will definitely give you a hug or kiss after me to pretend to care about you and your feeling so he doesn’t have to hear any shit that he loves me more than anyone else. He does. But he doesn’t want you to point it out. That’s okay. I love my little bugger.


This pond was pretty. Really quiet. Supposedly has muskrats but we didn’t see any, this time.


It stinks. I’m sure it’s just nature being nature but it’s not for human contact. Hand sanitizer didn’t really work. I washed my hands five times scrubbing every millimeter. THEN i used rubbing alcohol. Still stunk. Had to wash my hands a few more times with more scrubbing.

We found a huge frog though.



This trail, refuge, was beautiful. I loved it. I love it even more looking back on it writing this post. I can’t wait to go back. Because I’m going back.

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