Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge


Fisherville was on a whim. We did this hike after Applebee’s. After the Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge Hike . There were no paper, handheld maps available. I obviously set my MapMyFitness so i was able to kind of tell by that. When we arrived back to beginning we looked at the posted giant map and saw that if we crossed to dirt road that there was another trail that went around a private property. That’s cool.

Right off the bat, a snake scared the shit out of me. I let out a scream and everything. It was at the very least 18 inches long. WHOA. what an encounter

As we were traveling across a brook on a very well constructed foot bridge, we heard the snap of branches and stopped dead. The kids made noise because they don’t understand. Andrew caught a quick glimpse of a deer in the distance and as I looked over I saw it’s hind quarters as it hopped off into the woods




There is a Rhode Island “owned” cemetery on the property. Historic Society or something. There were a lot of cool graves. Old, old bodies. A weird feeling came over me knowing how long the remain were that actually are proved to lay right there under the earth. Crazy. There were gravestones marked “infant” I wonder if these were children found, born and died before having a name, or maybe still-born?


This appears to be a “historic” waterfall. I use that with quotations because I know that it is not a natural waterfall and that it was constructed by humans for some purpose. What I am not sure of is when it was constructed. I will have to do some research.


Snakes, even a baby snake, Deer, the usual, squirrel, bird, chipmunk, and then there were toads!!!!


I realize the photo is blurry but it was difficult trying to take a great photo with a cell phone of a toad that wanted to hop out of a human beings hand. This toad probably has NEVER encountered a human being before. THAT IS CRAZY!!! We found a few of these along the way. Hayden was the best finder! He had also found a baby Garter Snake . It was adorable. Bright red tongue kept smelling me as i tried to follow it into the woods to capture a photo. I was unsuccessful. I kept losing it in my line of vision because i was weary of stepping on other snakes since i was traveling off the marked trail.

This trail was fun due to the amount of wildlife. We plan on returning sans rugrats so we can be super stealthy and sneak up on some cool ass animals.

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