Fort Nature Wildlife Refuge

imageThat’s MapMyFitness mapped by me on my app of our hike on this trail.

This trail is not so far from my place of dwelling. About, 20 minutes with minimal traffic.

wpid-20150823_150524.jpgThere were some really cool things right off the bat going into the trail.

A huge tree put my children in awe. This tree really was HUGE.

On our way down this trail, past this monument of nature, lies a wonderful view.wpid-20150823_150837.jpgwpid-20150823_150600.jpgwpid-20150823_150622.jpg WOW. Just WOW. If I was here alone I could stay until I died. The pond was tranquil, silent, secluded but easily accessible.

No wildlife to report on this hike. With the kids present, I’m not sure i would want any critters around anyway.

But alas, there were rocks and when there are rocks, we shall climb!wpid-20150823_152627.jpgwpid-20150823_152638.jpgwpid-20150823_152653.jpg

The kids look so tiny!

Overall this trail was an easy hike for us. The kids slow down the pace but they will be back to school soon enough!!



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