Exercise- Let’s Do This!

I assume everyone knows the general concept of brainstorming and how it leads to final conclusions right?

Well consider this my scientific breakthrough.

I’ve decided to concoct a regiment for the next few weeks to see if I can get myself to commit. Sunday through Saturday workouts. Nothing extreme because I still need to live another day. It goes a little something like this:

Sunday- Yoga, Legs, Abs
Monday- Yoga, Arms, Cardio
Tuesday- Yoga, Legs, Abs
Wednesday- Yoga, Arms, Cardio
Thursday- Yoga, Legs, Abs
Friday- Yoga, Arms, Cardio
Saturday- Yoga, Legs, Abs

images (4)I scoured the Google Play Store and downloaded some app that links me to yoga videos on Youtube. That’s good enough for now. Until I feel real comfortable with something different.

I have the Arms figured out more than anything. I REALLY want toned girl-jacked arms and back.
Shoulder Press 10 reps X3 sets
Side Lateral Raises 10 reps X3 sets
Upright Row 10 reps X3 sets

Tricep Kickback 10 reps X3 sets
Seated Dumbbell Extensions 10 reps X3 sets

Bicep Curl 10 reps X3 sets

Abs are not figured out just yet. I know many various abdominal exercises that I can choose from. I am just unsure if I should go for time or count. I will be doing a medley of bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, traditional crunches, leg raises, scissor kicks and using a stability ball, more than likely.

Cardio is in the bag. Running is it for me.
I want to be a runner so bad. I can wait to get back into it and improve for the long run. HAHA
But, I have alternative or “in-addition-to” options such as
mountain climbers(40), high knees (60), and jump rope (1on-2off-1on [minutes])

Legs is heavy on the mind and will be in the real!

Squats– 150/100/150/100 (25 added each week)
Lunges– 20/30/40/30 (ten added each week)
Donkey Kicks- 10 reps X3 sets each leg
DeadLifts with Kettlebell–  10 reps X3 sets
Fire Hydrants 10 reps X3 sets
Side Leg Raises 10 reps X3 sets
Calf Raises– 10 reps X3 sets

The reps/sets will be adjusted along the way with a total re-evaluation October 1st.


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