I SURVIVED! ……………………….Week one

Well it;’s been ONE WHOLE WEEK since I’ve started this “new” fitness “program”.
(I love quotations and may or may not understand them but “it’s okay.”)

Let’s review what the schedule is:
Sunday- Yoga, Legs, Abs
Monday- Yoga, Arms, Cardio
Tuesday- Yoga, Legs, Abs
Wednesday- Yoga, Arms, Cardio
Thursday- Yoga, Legs, Abs
Friday- Yoga, Arms, Cardio
Saturday- Yoga, Legs, Abs

Day one happened to be a Tuesday. It sucked. I don’t really get a bunch of sleep and this day had me working until almost midnight and then having to be back at work at 430am immediately the next morning. Before work I managed to accomplish the leg portion. Which wassssssssss:
Squats– 150/100/150/100 (25 added each week)
Lunges– 20/30/40/30 (ten added each week)
Donkey Kicks- 10 reps X3 sets each leg
DeadLifts with Kettlebell–  10 reps X3 sets
Fire Hydrants 10 reps X3 sets
Side Leg Raises 10 reps X3 sets
Calf Raises– 10 reps X3 sets
I did not do any yoga or abdominal work. 😦 boooo.

Day two, Wednesday. After my hell-ish morning and NO SLEEP, I went to the gym with Andrew and completed 3 miles in 40 minutes. Came home and did Arms (which Andrew joined in for!):
Shoulder Press 10 reps X3 sets
Side Lateral Raises 10 reps X3 sets
Upright Row 10 reps X3 sets
Tricep Kickback 10 reps X3 sets
Seated Dumbbell Extensions 10 reps X3 sets
Bicep Curl 10 reps X3 sets

Day three- Thursday.  LeG dAy!¡!¡ I finally managed to do Yoga today.  10 minutes. I didn’t like it.  Maybe because i felt hot and unfocused.  Same exact leg exercises as earlier.  Completed in full.  As far a abs, tbh i didn’t feel like it.  Not what i should be letting myself do but I’m tired,  I have work at 430am,  and football is back!

Day four- Friday Arms! Andrew jumped in as well.

Day five/six- saturday/sunday some personal issues stopped all activity from happening

Day seven- Monday Arms again. This was good. I felt strong. I see some veryyyyy minor, if not imagined, changes to the tone of my arms. I regretfully never took really the perfect set of before photos. I have ZERO photos of my legs. Andrew had taken some before photos of the back of my arms:
I tried to take photos of my bicep flex and my forearm as they look after one week:


Ill take photos again when I re-evaluate October 1st.

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