First Day of School 2015

Here it is!!
The first day of school for the 2015/2016 Academic Year.
September 1st 2015

It was a beautiful day all around.


LJ is in 2nd grade this year. Boy how the time has flown. I remember his first day of Kindergarten. It was great. I love this kid so much. I have no worries for him this school year. None what so ever. Wonderful.


Hayden is in first grade. Ari and Hayden have the same teacher this year so let us see how that shall go. Hayden also got approved for speech therapy. He has a tendency to say “um” throughout sentences. He also mixes up “r”, “l”, and “w”. He will be in that once a week every week for a whole year. I am happy about it. I feel confident that they will be doing their jobs and if there is any concern that they will attempt to resolve it before they give up. They say he is special needs on his paperwork but seriously? I dont think i would ever classify him even on the very beginning of the spectrum.


Ari my Ari. I love this boy. He is great. I hope first grade works out well for him. He was very shy in kindergarten. Extremely shy. At home he is crazy. Maybe first grade will bring some balance in his life. Something to look forward to seeing that’s for sure.

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