10 Safety Tips For Trick or Treating This Halloween


It’s that time of year, leaves are turning, pumpkin/apple is everywhere, and candy lines the shelves.

(My favorites are all things Tootsie Roll.)

🎃 🎃 HaLLOwEeN is upon us 🎃 🎃

Safety is a top concern every year so I want to bring it to light.

10 Safety Tips For Trick or Treating:

1.Masks: The masks they make now are awesome! But sometimes not so functional. Make sure your child can see well enough to avoid trips/falls and getting separated.

2.Makeup: Rashes are no fun. As an eczema sufferer I am sensitive to alot of makeups and heavy layering. Don’t go cheap. Dollar store kits aren’t too best quality for children’s skin. They haven’t had many elements to “harden” their skin to tolerate the quality of the cheaper kits. Don’t wait to buy the makeup either. You would want to test the makeup on a small area behind the ear or under the jaw to make sure there will be no reaction come Halloween night.

Two Face from Batman
Two Face from Batman

3.Capes/Dresses: These parts of costumes can blow and wrap around ankles and cause a little one to trip. Hem capes/dresses to a proper length. If you can’t sew, you can use No Sew adhesive hem. -just iron to seal. Or you can just cut it and leave it raw edged.


4.Glowsticks/Flashlights: Give your children (and yourself!) one or two each to keep each other in sight. You can find these cheap at your local dollar store. One dollar for added safety isn’t that much to spare. They usually have fun pumpkin flashlights and glow sticks of every color.

5.Route: Know where you are going. If you are staying in your neighborhood then know what directions you want to go ahead of time. If you plan on going in a new area or with other parents in a different area it is a good idea to drive the area during the day or even the night before to scope it out.


6.Bathroom: Make sure everyone goes to the bathroom before costumes are on and before you leave. The most difficult costume should be put on last but should go to the bathroom first. Let me explain. Send this child to the bathroom first. Then send other kids as you START the difficult costume. As soon as the next child comes out, halt the difficult costume and do the other costume. If there are more children then send them and do their costumes before resuming the difficult. When all other kids are set, send the difficult one back to the bathroom to squeeze the rest out after all that wait. This should ensure they don’t have to go again right before the door out and so they won’t have to go right away when you return to prevent an accident because they have such a difficult costume! Don’t forget to use the restroom yourself!

7.Watch Your Kids!: I cannot stress this anymore. Costume confusion can cause kids to wander off with other families. Predators can take advantage of costumes and fake personalities to lure children in homes.

8.Look Both Ways: On Halloween, children are twice as likely to get struck by a vehicle than any other day of the year. So, look both ways. Always walk on the sidewalk or path. If there isn’t one walk facing traffic as far over to the side as you can.

9.Check Candy: We’ve all heard this one since the beginning of our lives. The suspicion is real though. You just NEVER know. I mean if the lady who bakes cookies daily and you’ve eaten them all your life gives you cookies, I’d probably say just eat them. Throw out all homemade goods. Opened packages or candies that have been repacked should also be tossed.


10.Have Fun!: It’s not safe to be upset. You may make irrational decisions. This goes for this kids too. Make sure they are happy and having a great time!


Have a Great Night Out There!

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