I’m engaged!

I Said Yes!!!


The love of my life asked me to marry him. The man I have shared half of my decision making with for over 2 years now, asked me to marry him. I am so happy. I love him more than anyone can understand. I want nothing else besides to spend eternity with this man.

Andrew means more to me than anything I’ve encountered. When I met him, I wasn’t in a very, happy, place. He brought me to life. He made me realized how great it feels to smile.

I fell in love quick too. He captured my heart within weeks, if not moments. The way he hung on every bit of information about me so he could intertwine his life with mine, how he always wanted to see me every free moment we had. I was addicted to him in a good way. It was love for sure. I couldn’t sleep without him, or at the very least talking to him until I couldn’t stay awake. Many nights I fell asleep talking to him. I knew he didn’t mind in the end because I love him and few loves me. THAT’S the greatest thing ever.

Trials and tribulations to say the least. The cosmos have put us through the ringer time and time again. It’s exhausting! But look, look where we are, I’ve lost a whole person worth of pounds, Andrew has finally found a job he likes, and we are saving. Saving for a house, car and now a wedding!


I’m sure he will enjoy me as his wife too 🙂

Andrew F. Tashian, I love you with everything I have. For now and forever. I can’t wait baby. Here’s to us.


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