Time and how it stands, or doesn’t.

Funny thing about time, it never ends,
and you can never get it back.
Time passed needs to be time well spent.
There is no rewind button to give those moments back to you.
Once you lose it, it’s gone.

Many days I spend tormented about lost time.
Time has an ugly grip on my soul, my mindset.
I let things get to me.
I will spend a portion of my time bruting and then when I am done, I realize the time I wasted. It is like Are you serious? I really lost that time being so stupid? Then THAT makes me upset further
rabbit hole we go.

Take it from someone so crazy about time as myself, don’t attempt to play catch-up. If we let these lost sections of time take a hold of us then we are sure to lose our minds. Just think, there are other things that you are meant to do in the next pieces of time. If you take away that time then you will snowball the amount of time and tasks you are behind. No one wants this.

The only thing we can do is better prepare for the next moment. Think of how you lost time. What happened? Did you misjudge how long a new task would take? You may need to start that tasks or sequence of tasks earlier, if possible.  Relax, you cannot fix lost time in one shot usually.

Tips for certain situations:

Get to work late because you slept late- wake up earlier, chose a different alarm tone, go to bed earlier

Unable to eat a meal- wake up earlier for breakfast, make better time management decisions during the day leading up to lunch

Get off your phone- this can save you so much distracted time.

What Are Some Of The Ways You Cope With Lost Time?

Time has never been in our hands.
Time has never been in our hands.

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